• 11:35 am Updated news about Bladen County Election Investigations
  • 8:07 am Lewis and Clark Circus at Lu Mil Vineyard this week
  • 8:02 am Cape Fear River Shad Festival
  • 7:58 am Thoughts While Shaving
  • 12:22 am Bulldog Baseball Easter Tournament: Cape Fear 6, West Bladen 5
  • 11:21 pm Touchstone Energy Diamond Beach Softball Invitational: Richmond County 18, East Bladen 0

Thoughts While ShavingHow about the first NASCAR race of the year?  Great finish…Denny Hamlin won by a split second over Martin Truex.

A reminder of the finals of the Biggest Loser tonight…Bladen County natives Vicki and Lauren Clark are still in the running for some big bucks.

Hope you saw the big numbers for BladenOnline last week.  The folks in charge continue doing a great job and The Best Is Yet To Come.

From a senior coffee mug….’I always offer two dinner choices.  (1) Take it  or (2) Leave it’.

Wonder who decided males should shave daily?  Tempted to go on a shaving strike.

A bartender is just a pharmacist with a limited inventory.

My only goal: Be better today than I was yesterday.  Physically, socially, mentally, & spiritually.

Truth varies.   Rule of Political Promises

We would all like to vote for the best man but he is not a candidate.  Frank “Kin” Hubbard

He can run anytime he wants; I’m giving him the Red Light.  Yogi Berra