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Thoughts While Shaving‘Time to rise and shine … It’s Sunday, the day the Lord hath made … Let us rejoice and be glad in it…

Church Day … Woke up this a.m. thinking about Sunday, as a young person … 5, 6, years old, as a teenager and adult … and now a Senior Citizen…

Weather forecast for today and next few hours … Sunny today, with a high near 51 … Northwest wind 6 to 8 mph with gusts as high as 15 mph. Clear skies tonight, with a low near 28 … and no wind, Monday, sunny, with a high near 59 … (MLK Day), Mostly cloudy Monday night with a low near 40 … Tuesday, high near 62 and a 40% chance of rain.

The Annual MLK Jr. parade will be celebrated in Elizabethtown, Monday beginning at 11 a.m. … .All are welcomed…

Selected basketball results from recent action…
NC State 83 – Miami 81.
UNC 80 – Louisville 59
Clemson 72 – Duke 64
Wake Forest 83 – Boston College 63.

NFL Saturday’s play…

49ers 41 – Seahawks 23
Jaguars 31 – LA Chargers 30

Wild Card, Today’s action…
1 p.m., Dolphins at Buffalo
4:30 p.m., NY Giants at Minnesota
8:15 p.m., Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

Monday Night
8:15 p.m., Dallas Cowboys vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“You don’t luck into integrity. You work at it.” Betty White

I was a teenager a short time ago … Now, a full fledged member of the senior citizens…

“With good friends, you can’t lose.” The Muppet Movie

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