Thoughts While Shaving
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Sometimes I forget about how my mom and dad and grandparents struggled to put food on the table and keep a roof over our head … Think about my Grandpa Hester walking 3, maybe 4 miles, to town on Saturday to purchase groceries he brought home, many times in a web type bag over his shoulder … How he walked about the same distance daily (Monday – Friday) to work at Bladenboro Cotton Mill. If my memory is correct, he worked 1st shift from time to time (7 AM to 3 PM), and at other times, the 2nd shift (3 PM -11 PM) … never heard him complain … I’m sure he must have expressed some concerns, but I never heard them…

He told me about working for 50 cents a day, earlier, helping someone farm and had logged at some time in the past … No doubt that 50 cents would purchase much more than the same amount today. And, the job at the cotton mill was a ‘move up’…

Some days, I catch myself complaining about this or that … then think of those who came before me, who never had a way to ride, period. And, I complain about riding in a warm vehicle, driving uptown to purchase a sandwich or a ‘quickie meal’, something my folks never enjoyed … That was the norm for neighbors in the 30s, and 40s, throughout the area … And, on Sunday, he walked little over a mile to Zion Hill Baptist Church to give thanks for what he had … Always seated on the end of the second row from the front and usually was ask to pray some time during the service…

I am among men, most richly blessed … Lord help me not complain … Help me to help others…

I think of Grandpa Hester every time I hear the Chuck Wagon Gang. He had an AM radio (years before we ever heard of FM) and on Sunday afternoon, he listened to the gospel group … along with poppin’ and cracklin’ … typical of a 1,000 watt station in those days…

Sorry, ramblin’, Kingsbury Hester, my grandpa was a good man … .and was married for many years, to Miss Mary, that’s what folks called her.

Grandpa Hester was born September 1883, married Mary Elizabeth Rising, Christmas Day, 1912. Grandma Hester was born January 1, 1889.

“Old age is not so bad when you consider the alternatives.” Maurice Chevalier

“Don’t let aging get you down. It’s to hard to get back up.” John Wagner

I’m old enough to make my own decisions, just not young enough to remember what I decided.

robert g hester

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