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Thoughts While Shaving for January 15

Rebuilding the Carolina Panthers became a bigger issues with the announcement last night of the retirement of middle linebacker Luke Kuechly … the teams defensive leader. … After 8 years on the job and losing his coach (Ron Rivera), and most likely a dependable tight end (Greg Olson), the uncertainty of Cam Newton’s future, or could be he just needs to step back and take a break. Kuechly and Christian McCaffrey are my favorites, the ‘heart and soul’ of the Panthers. … Maybe Kuechly just needs some time off. … Wish the new owner and coach the best. My favorite team … Panthers, but Redskins are a close second…

Bladen County must be the ‘laughing stock’ of the state and nation. … When it comes to elections, we can’t get it right, so it seems. Latest issue … questions about how members of the Board of Elections are selected. … There are 5 members on the local board. The majority are of the same political persuasion as the Governor. The local parties … Democrats and Republicans, are asked to send recommendations to the State Board and Governor. They are appointed by the Governor … (most likely by the state board of elections). Expenses for the local Board of Elections are the responsibility of the county. So, if you disagree with the way the local board functions, contact the Chairman of the Bladen County Democratic or Republican party … and at this time the Democrats are in control. … They made the recommendations, with assistance from their local executive committees. … Bladen County Commissioners have no more control of the Board of Elections than you do…

From the courthouse to the State House to the White House … kinda’ out of ‘sorts’, don’t you think? We are a great nation and we will continue to ‘work on it’…

I still love calling Bladen County home…

“There is no Democratic or Republican way of cleaning the streets.” Fiorello La Guardia (former mayor of New York City)

“Practical politics consists of ignoring facts.” Henry Adams (1838-1918, journalist, historian, academic & novelist)

“Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage.” H.L. Mencken (1880-1956 journalist, essayist,& editor)

robert g hester

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