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Thoughts While Shaving For January 8

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“Baby it’s cold outside”, remember the tune? Several recorded it. I remember the Dean Martin version … It is cold outside as I begin a new day. 27 degrees at 5 a.m., feels like 22 … Checking the forecast for today … Sunny skies, with a high near 47 and windy, gusts as high as 16 mph. Mostly clear tonight with a low near 31. Weather for Sunday … Church Day … Mostly sunny, with a high near 68 … Looking ahead, 90% chance of rain Sunday night…

The Washington, D.C. NFL team will get a new name soon, as early as February. They were the Redskins for 87 years. Cleveland Indians will be the Cleveland Guardians. The Atlanta Braves and Chicago Blackhawks (Hockey) say they have no plans to change their names.

Winter Olympics begin in Beijing, February 4th.

A high school girls basketball coach has been suspended. His team recently defeated another 92-4. No comment from Coach Jason Kirck.

I usually have a mask on my face or in my pocket … In a retail establishment recently, failed to take my mask … I must have been the only person without … so I parked my buggy and back to my vehicle to secure my mask … Should have known better … Old folks tend to forget…

As stated before, I am a dreamer. My feet hit the floor early today, thinking I was to be in Jacksonville, NC early, for some reason … Older folks tend to forget as well … Thankful I was not traveling…

So, how are you dealing with mask? weather? other issues we face on a daily basis?

More phrases only Southerners use!!!!!!

‘I reckon’

‘She’s as pretty as a peach’

‘Full as a tick’

‘Worn slap out’ More later, maybe…

robert g hester