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It’s an exciting time for a couple of local Dixie baseball teams. The Bladen County team begins play in Louisiana this weekend and the Elizabethtown minor league team departs for the same location a week later. Donations still needed for both teams. When teams reach the national level, I am told there is no support from Dixie Baseball, participants are responsible for their expenses. We wish them well….

If you keep up with the San Diego Padres #1 pick a couple of years ago, that being Mackenzie Gore, you know he was recently promoted to their Double A Texas league team. His first outing was a huge success, second, not so good. He gave up 7 runs, including 2 or 3 homers…tough outing. That’s what happens to even the best, in the minors and the big leagues. Occasionally, for whatever the reason, you just ‘do not have it.’ The former Whiteville Wolfpacker will be OK…all a part of the learning process. He is considered their #1 or #2 minor league prospect.

Sincere Smith, former East Bladen Eagle, who signed with the Yankees, a year or so ago is on their Gulf Coast League roster, listed as a shortstop, has played on their East and West team this year. His combined stats for 2019, 27 at bats, 9 hits, 2 doubles, a home run, a .333 batting average and has 2 stolen bases.

Lots of attention today in DC as former Special Counsel Robert Mueller appears before a couple of US House committees. Saw one recent poll that indicated over 60% of Republicans and Democrats gave him high marks for his work on the investigation related to Russian interference in the most recent presidential election, despite attacks from numerous individuals and groups. (Dare you attempt to diagram that sentence) A 60% approval rating on anything in DC is a landslide. My feelings, stop Russian interference at all cost, if in fact it has happened or is happening!!!

Ever read Snoops??? Interesting reading…just Google it.

There is a need of a method for finding out the TRUTH.

Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.

“There is such a thing as truth, but we have a vested interest in not seeing it, in avoiding it.” Errol Morris

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