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Thoughts While Shaving for July 25

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Thoughts While ShavingPrepare for intense heat and be sympathetic toward those with no a/c.

Additional ‘hot air’ will be generated in Philadelphia, much like Cleveland last week.  Democrats begin their convention.

Being a huge shorts fan, I enjoyed the Baseball Hall of Fame installation of two new members.  Mike Piazza and Ken Griffey, Jr., two of the best were inducted over the weekend.  Griffey enjoyed 22 years of pro baseball and received 99.32% of the votes cast for the honor.  Mike Piazza was selected in the 62nd round of the 1988 draft, played 16 years in the majors, setting records as an all-pro catcher.  Difficult to believe 1389 players were selected ahead of Piazza in the ’88 draft.  Two worthy additions to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

Remember when FCC Chairman Newton Minow referred to television as a ‘vast wasteland’?  Would be interested in a comparison with today’s programming…

What ever happened to Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy, Sanford & Son, Beverly Hillbillies, Amos ‘n Andy, Hew Haw, Flip Wilson and more such shows?  Oh. I understand some are available on a limited basis, but?????

Johnny Carson type “How Hot is it” quotes:

It’s so hot the squirrels are carrying their nuts with potholders.

It’s so hot I saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both walking.

It is so hot that the catfish are already fried when you catch them.