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North Carolina (Bladen County) 4, Louisiana (Monroe) 2 in the opening round of the Dixie Pre-Majors World Series in Sterlington, La. Bladen County will play Laurel, Mississippi today, 2 p.m. on Field 1. The game will be streamed on Ispn.live.

Actually, I had some difficulty streaming yesterday’s game … think it was operator error. … I was the operator.

Pretty ‘kewl”, 2 local teams participating in the Dixie World Series. The Elizabethtown Dixie Youth AAA team travels to Louisiana this week for another tournament next weekend.

Congratulations to East Bladen’s Lefredrick (Fredy) Wooten. He is participating in the Hank Aaron Invitational this weekend, continuing through August 2 in Vero Beach, Florida. He is one of 250 selected to participate from all across the USA, hosted by Major League Baseball and USA Baseball. 44 of the 250 will be selected to play in the Elite Showcase game at Sun Trust Stadium in Atlanta. As Howard Cosell would say, ‘How about that sports fans?”

One more sports note. … Mackenzie Gore had his first bad outing of the season recently, pitching for the Texas-based team, farm club for the San Diego Padres. He came back strong in his last outing and recent articles list him as the #1 minor league prospect in the Padres farm system. He is a graduate of Whiteville High School.

Good to see and hear about plans to hopefully restore, rebuild, re-do the downtown area of Bladenboro. Many businesses were damaged in last year’s flood and have moved out or just closed. It will take all working together to make it happen … but there appears to be a ‘can do’ attitude by the locals.

Recent Sunday School series in our class at Wesley’s Chapel UMC has been about love. … ‘Jesus Teaches Us to Love One Another’, next was ‘Jesus Teaches about Transforming Love’ and today … ‘Jesus Teaches about Spiritual Discernment’. Next week ‘A Covenant between Friends’. Should be required study for our leaders in North Carolina, and at the national level. We are concerned about our children not being in Sunday School, maybe they are watching us and our leaders they don’t want to grow up and be like us. Just a thought!

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.

Work hard in silence and let the success be the noise.

Great leaders don’t tell you what to do. They show you how it’s done.

robert g hester