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Thoughts While Shaving for July 6

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It appears the COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed the county, state, nation and all around the world … Checking the latest stats … over 400 cases have been reported in Bladen County, at least 3 deaths have been recorded. Statewide, over 73,000 confirmed cases and 1,414 deaths … US confirmed cases indicate nearly 3 million cases, over 900,000 have recovered and deaths are at least 132,000. Deaths around the world over 534 thousand…

And, seems it is not only a serious medical issue, but a political issue as well … So, the Hester research team (me) spent some time doing … research … the past weekend…

Over the years, there have been numerous pandemics…

HIV/AIDS 2005-2012 (at it’s peak) … First identified in Democratic Republic of the Congo. HIV/AIDS proved to be a global pandemic, killing more than 36 million people since 1981 … Currently there are between 31 and 35 million living with HIV. As awareness has grown, new treatments have been developed that make HIV far more manageable.

FLU PANDEMIC (1968) … A category 2 Flu pandemic, sometimes referred to as “the Hong Kong Flu,” was first reported on July 13, 1968 in Hong Kong. It took only 17 days before outbreaks of the virus were reported in Singapore and Vietnam, and within three months had spread to the Philippines, India, Australia, Europe and the United States. It resulted in the deaths of more than a million people, including 500,000 in Hong Kong.

ASIAN FLU (1956-1957) … Originated in China and eventually killed approximately 2 million, according to the World Health Organization.

FLU PANDEMIC (1918) … A disturbingly deadly outbreak of influenza across the globe infecting over a third of the world’s population and ending the lives of 20-50 million…

And there have been others … Sixth Cholera Pandemic (1910-1911) … Flue Pandemic (1889-1890) … Third Cholera Pandemic (1852-1860) … The Black Death (1346-1353) … Plague of Justinian (541-542) and Antonine Plague (165 AD).

Bottom line … the current pandemic is likely to last ’til medication is developed to combat the disease … and hopefully that will be soon … how soon? Don’t know.

Use some common sense and pray you are not a victim…

“You can revive economy, but not a corps.” Abhijit Nasker

“Behind the mask beats a loving heart, willing to save others.” Helen Munson

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t” Thomas Edison

robert g hester

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