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Thoughts While Shaving for June 1

We can close the door on May 2019, one of the driest months ever in Bladen County … hot & dry, now we move on to June.

We did get some rain, vastly different totals depending on your location. Two-tenths at the Curtis Brown (Elizabethtown) Airport National Weather Service location. Sons #1 and #2 reported in. In Smithfield, heavy rain for about an hour and a half, near Dunn, report was hail covering the yard.

We still need rain, lots of rain … crops are pitiful, but we have high hopes.

Thinking out loud … we are all so different. Some overly cautious, some ready, willing and able to ‘move on’ regardless.

What if Christopher Columbus had been the cautious type, no telling if or when America would have been discovered? Can just hear his bride (if he had a bride) and other supporters saying, why not wait ’til the waves stop to begin your voyage. They walk among us … and they are usually the first to give advice.

So what’s on your agenda for this Saturday. For the Robby and Myrtle Hester clan, a very casual get-together, all still speaking and loving and caring for one another … thankfully the way mom planned it. Her birthday was June 4, so an appropriate time to celebrate … Not sure how old she would have been. My math is not bad, but my memory is.

A 20% chance of rain today could cause activities to move inside, but the rain would be welcomed. High temps today in the mid 80s, lows tonight in the mid 60s. Sunny, Sunday with temps in the low 90s.

One more note to share … unless you received more rain than many, please no burning, dangerous. Still dry! Wind & fire not a good combination for most areas at this time.

Stable relationships are for horses.

Trust in God, but tie your camel.

Just say NO to negativity.

robert g hester

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