Thoughts While Shaving
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Thoughts While ShavingWeather is always a topic of conversation.  Today, very hot and the possibility of rain exist.  Rain will be welcomed.

Brexit is another new word that is appearing more often at the national and international level.  Brexit relates to what happens if Great Britain quits the European Union.  A referendum is set for June 23.

Social media provides an outlet for all to have their say related to any/all events around the state, nation and world. So many experts, so few offer themselves to work with others for a better world.  Wonder if they are concerned that few would agree with their thoughts.  Think of the politician that looks back and the line is short, so they attempt to move in front of a longer line.

Usually the social media experts talk about how we need more love and compassion, be more God-like, but they preach hate to all who disagree with their thoughts and ideology.

I suggest we deal with issues we can make a difference. 

How about Carolina Crossroads, a rehab facility in Bladen County that assist males in their battle with drugs and alcohol?  25 to 30 individuals are being assisted at any time in their efforts to overcome their addiction.  They need our support.  Google Carolina Crossroads and see a list of items needed to support the effort.

There record is not 100%, depends on the individual, but it is not for lack of effort by Carolina Crossroads leaders and supporters.  One saved is worth the effort.  Call Bladen Baptist for more info.

Deciding not to choose is still making a choice.

Do all you should, not all you could.

Duty over desire – may that inspire.