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Thoughts While Shaving for June 27

Weather forecast for today is a good one for the last weekend of June … Mostly sunny, with a high near 92. West wind 6 to 9 mph.

Chance of rain for the next few days, beginning Sunday and continuing thru next Friday, rain chances in the 30% to 50% range.

Today should be a White Lake or Jones Lake kind of day … Have fun, be safe.

We are nearing the half way point of 2020, and COVID-19 has ‘messed’ most of it up … Hopefully the last half of the year will begin a return to normal…

Cut the weeds and grass at home yesterday … and thought about previous summer fun from days gone buy … Hanging around on the corner in Bladenboro with friends as a youngster … Remember my first boat trip at White Lake, cruisin’ in Bladenboro and Lumberton in my 55 V8 Chevrolet in the late 50s … Thought about my early days at WBLA, working weekends … worked at Top Mode Mfg throughout the week…

Worked for one of the best bosses ever at WBLA … Mr. Chatham Clark … former FBI employee, never married, was part owner and manager for years at WBLA. … We (the employees) were younger and big on Elvis Presley, The Coasters, Fats Domino, get the picture, he thought that was too much Rock ‘n Roll. He was from the Benny Goodman, Guy Lombardo era … Big Band time…

Thought about how difficult it would be for me today to play some of the current hits … I would be searching for the old Elvis, Coasters, Fats Domino hits … Some things never change … I know … It’s an age thing…

Oh well, this is a new day, let’s make the most of it … and prepare for worship tomorrow…

“Summer breeze makes me feel fine” Seals & Crofts

“The old believe everything: the middle-age suspect everything: the young know everything.” Oscar Wilde

“Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.” Mark Twain

robert g hester

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