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Thoughts While Shaving for June 8

I attended church services yesterday (Sunday) at Wesley’s Chapel UMC near Elizabethtown … Met in multi-purpose building … seating was according to limits allowed under current rules … Heard good music, a good sermon and slipped out without the usual greetings, including handshakes … biggest surprise was the number of attendees. … My guess, at least 125, maybe a few more. … Guess folks are just anxious to return to normal, or as normal as permitted by current rules…

Think most folks are on ‘information overload’, with the current civil unrest and the Coronovirus issue…

News media has much to talk about…

Reckon we will ever get back to normal … whatever ‘normal’ is or was?

Stock market appears to be making very good progress … not sure I understand why, with so much unemployment, small businesses suffering…

“Politics is made up of two words, “poll” which is Greek for “many” and “tics, which are blood sucking insects.” Gore Vidal

“A lot has been said about politics: some of it complimentary, but most of it accurate.” Eric Idle

“What do Washington’s politician and pro wrestlers have in common? … They’re mostly overweight white guys pretending to hurt each other.” Unknown

robert g hester

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