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Thoughts While Shaving for March 23

Did not attend church yesterday, in person … even missed my usual early Sunday morning meeting with friends at Wesley’s Chapel UMC …, (I could have, should have, but did not) but did ‘tune in’ to 3 services … and enjoyed. Not like being there, but not bad…

‘These are difficult times’ … an overused statement in recent days. … News related to COVID-19, congressional and presidential updates and sports reruns … dominate. … My favorite oldies include ‘Hee Haw’ and ‘Andy Griffith’ … and the ‘Grand Ole Opry’.

Did watch and enjoyed a recent interview with Kenny Rogers on Rural Television Network … very timely as well … with his recent passing.

One of those ‘thinking out loud’ moments … just wondering why I must maintain some pre-determined distance from others in some establishments and at other type businesses no rules … ex. food establishments … but visit other retail outlets and mingle with others throughout the store. … Not complaining, just curious. … State and national leaders are using their best judgement … understand…

I appreciate all, the folks who are making the rules, and those attempting to abide by them.

Happy I am not in the business of preparing, and sale of food…

If you received a request from me for Facebook … legit. … I attempted to merge two accounts … and lost many … now, may have more duplicates…. but working on it. … If ignorance ruled the world, I would be the ‘crown prince.’

Confusius Says:

Man who run in front of car get tired.

Man with one chop stick go hungry.

Wife who put husband in doghouse soon find him in cathouse.

robert g hester

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