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Thoughts While Shaving for March 30

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A new week, last days of March. Time for a new beginning, but most likely … more of the same…

Wish our leaders, especially our national leaders, could disagree, respectfully, both sides…

Have you completed your census forms and returned? This is important, happens every 10 years … and much is determined by the results. … Just do it…

What we know about Bladen County … population … latest estimate, 32,778 … the 69th most populated in the state.

Residents under age of 5 … 5.1%
Residents under age of 18 … 20.8%
Residents 65 and older … 21.8%

White … 54.7%
Black … 34.5%
Hispanic … 7.5%

Median income … $32,378
26% live in poverty…
Median age is 43.6 years…

Changing the subject … If you missed church yesterday, can still hear a sermon. … One source is Facebook, select a church. … I listened to a couple yesterday … all different, all good.

Discovered on Facebook … “Due to rising cost of ammunition, I’m no longer able to provide a warning shot”…

It’s Monday, March 30, 2020…

“Let us believe neither half of the good people tell us of ourselves, nor half of the evil they say of others.” J. Petit Senn

“If evil be said of thee, and if it is true, correct thyself; if it be a lie, laugh at it.” Epictetus

“Do not forget small kindnesses and to not remember small faults.” Chinese Proverb

robert g hester

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