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Thoughts While Shaving for March 9

Thoughts While ShavingEarly voting continues for the next few days at four locations in the county, Bladenboro, Dublin, East Arcadia and at the Bladen County Library in Elizabethtown.  The primary elections will be held at all 17 precincts in the county on Tuesday, March 15.  Questions should be directed to the Bladen County Board of Elections at 910-862-6951.
A reminder, a photo ID is required to vote.
On the national Republican ticket, the winner needs 1,237 delegates.  Yesterday, Donald Trump won in Michigan and Mississippi and has 446 delegates, a lead of 99 over Ted Cruz.  Rubio and Kasich are bringing up the rear.
In the Democratic campaign, Bernie Sanders eaked out a win in Michigan while Hillary Clinton won in Mississippi.  Sanders still lost ground in his bid to win the nomination.  The winner needs 2,383 delegates.  Clinton has 1,221 to Sanders 571.
Looks like a Trump vs Clinton race to the While House.  Both have huge negatives.  One poll indicates the if Clinton is elected, “would not bring much change to the nation and that Donald Trump would bring the wrong kind of change.”
Will make the selection of a Supreme Court Justice even more interesting.  Senate Republicans have said they will not consider an Obama appointment.  A Trump or Clinton nominee may be a test of their will as well.
I still believe the reason the Trump candidacy is so successful, is frustration with, not just Obama, that is one reason, but the whole governmental process in Washington, DC.  Gridlock, bickering and doing nothing is not the way any government or business should be operated.  And, both parties are guilty.
So much for that.
Political one liners……
“In a recent fire Bob Dole’s library burned down.  Both books were lost.  And he hadn’t even finished coloring one of them.”   Jack Kemp
“There they are.  See no evil, hear no evil, and….evil.”  —  Bob Dole, watching former presidents Carter, Ford and Nixon standing by each other at a White House event.
“All that Hubert needs over there is a gal to answer the phone and a pencil with an eraser on it.”  — Lyndon Johnson on Hubert Humphrey, his vice president.
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