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Thoughts While Shaving for May 16

Enjoy talking to or spending time with friends, mostly senior citizens, who are ‘throttling back’, some retiring, some due to illness, others just feel it’s time to move to the sidelines, for whatever the reason, a drastic change in life … sudden changes are the most difficult to deal with.

On the other end of the spectrum, some conversation and concerns about a drop, worldwide, of ‘newborns’ and how it will affect the workforce in years to come.

So many issues worldwide, in China, Iran and Iraq, on the Mexican border and here at home.

Ever just look around at what mother nature provides … just stop and check the various shades of green this time of the year? Beautiful … trees, lawns, new crops, and so much more … birds chirping, snakes moving around, squirrels, deer, fox, ducks and geese, all happy to see springtime, again, I suppose.

Attended an information sharing time recently. The topic was drugs and alcohol, and how it changes so many and included abuse of pills and strong drink and how either, or both, can change lives … ruin lives, when abused. The same type drugs that destroy lives, can be used for patients nearing death, help them endure their last days. It’s all about abuse and addiction.

If you haven’t heard about Carolina Crossroads, I challenge you to attend a session where some of those most drastically affected by drugs and alcohol go to attempt to get their lives together and return to a more normal lifestyle. The recent meeting I attended also featured a medical doctor who deals with patients in Hospice care who need drugs to help them deal with their life-ending experience. Guess the lesson learned is what can destroy life when abused gives comfort to those who have reached the end of their days.

“And tonight we held each other, one last time, like a dance to a slow song, on an empty floor, underneath a single disco ball in front of no one at all” Phil Volatile

“The legal and judicial system view substance use as a criminal matter; while the mental health system has been fighting for generations to change that particular perspective.” Asa Don Brown

“One thing you must realize is that: you either kill your addiction or your addiction will eventually kill you.” Oche Otorkpa

robert g hester

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