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Thoughts While Shaving for May 4

Thoughts While ShavingOur normal annual rainfall averages about 48-52 inches, or about an inch a week.  At the Hester household, after the first two days of May, our monthly quota has been met.  Yesterday was a tough hair day for females and males.  Rain, sleet, wind and thunderstorms.  ‘Unsettled’ may be the best description over the next 48 to 72 hours, but not the kind of storms we saw yesterday.

Traffic continues to increase everywhere, especially the more populated areas.  State and national officials are having a difficult time keeping up with the growth.

Remember when a four lane NC 50/70 was the best entrance to Raleigh from our area? 50/70 still features 4 lanes and I-40 offers another 6 to 8 lanes and still very busy.

Construction in Wilmington continues but travel is not as difficult as it has been.  Still meet a lot of folks attempting to enter and exit during rush hours especially on 74/76/17.

HB 2 is still looming big over NC.  The Legislature is attempting to adopt a budget and exit Raleigh.  Doubt we know anything about the future of the bill until the last minute.  The pros and cons most likely being debated behind closed doors.  My guess is the economic impact will have more bearing than which bathroom is used.

The best scenario is the legislature adjourn late at night and exit the scene before the headlines appear.  So much for transparency.

Today’s 1977 youth sports team, courtesy of the Southeastern Times, is the Center Road t-ball team.  Members included: James Davis, Eddie Taylor, Sheril Farmer, Michael Pait, David Inman, Shannon Kinlaw, Kevin Pait, Mackie Singletary, Russell Dove, Kim Speer, David Hester, Wade Pait, Patty Evers, Tina Evers, Kelly Carroll, James Dove and Prissey Causey.  Coaches were Nancy Pait, Grady Dove and Danny Pait.

The other team could make trouble for us it they win.  Yogi Berra

A hot dog at the game beats beef at the Ritz.  Humphrey Bogart

Little league baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets.  Yogi Berra

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