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Thoughts While Shaving for May 5

Thoughts While ShavingSeveral months ago, my favorite grand-daughter, my only grand-daughter, shared some thoughts on social media and today I share, again.

“My grandpa, Robert G. Hester, writes a “Thoughts While Shaving” entry daily for an online newspaper. This is my rendition, but I’ll call it “Thoughts while painting nails and sipping Relaxation tea”.

Dental school, thus far, has been the most challenging yet rewarding journey of my life. Each and every day presents itself with its own highs and lows. I have certainly been victim of many restless night filled with fears and anxieties about exams, meetings, patient care, my future path, where this journey will take me, you name it. I sometimes forget to let go, and let God (be in charge). Tonight I need a little pick-me-up and watch a wonderful sermon entitled “Anxious for Nothing.”

I won’t spoil it for those interested in watching, but this will be my new daily reminder.

Yesterday has passed. Tomorrow is not yet. I’m left with today. So today I will live today. Relive yesterday? Nope. I will learn from it. I will seek mercy for it. I will take joy in it. But I won’t live in it. The sun has set on yesterday.

The sun will rise tomorrow. Worry about the future? To what gain? It deserves a glance and nothing more. I can’t change tomorrow until tomorrow. Today I will live today. I can’t change tomorrow until tomorrow. I will face today’s challenges with today’s strength. I will dance today’s waltz with today’s music. I will celebrate today’s opportunities with today’s hope. Today I will live today. May I laugh, listen, learn, love. And if tomorrow comes, may I do it again.

Be anxious for nothing. Philippians 4:6.”

Hope you enjoy. Morgan begins her final at ECU Dental School with a bright future ahead.

Hope she forgives me for using without her permission.

robert g hester

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