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Thoughts While Shaving
Thoughts While ShavingGreetings from Washington, DC, the heartbeat of America.

In DC for an annual workshop on Telco issues.  Today in the classroom for updates, tomorrow, visits with  Congressmen and Senators before heading home Wednesday.

But, today my thoughts are on a project we began over 10 years ago, BladenOnline, Bladen’s Best Source for local news, weather, sports, obits and so much more.

Last week, BladenOnline  had we had our best week ever in several categories.  Unfortunately, there was too much bad news to report, but we covered it, and our readers read out accounts, in record numbers.

We recorded 244,623 page views for the week of April 8-14, bettering the previous mark by more than 21,000 set October 8-14 , 2017.  Nearly a quarter of a million page views last week.

A record 50,291 visits for the week bettered the previous mark by almost 9,000 set January 3-9, 2016.

The 52,781 page views on Thursday, April 12 is 3rd most in a day.

The 47,054 page views on Wednesday, April 11 is 8th most in a single day.

There were 16 stories with at least 2,000 page views.

From April 1-14, 2018, BladenOnline has had 371,869 page views.  That’s only 60,055 page views away from the total page views for the month of April 2017 (371,869)

Charlotte, Erin and the entire staff deserve to take a bow.


April 8-14

Page views: 244,623

Visits: 50,291

Year Ago

Page views: 95,149

Visits: 17,203

Most Read Stories

13,695: Thursday morning crash results in fatality

9,434: Three killed in Wednesday morning crash

9,236: Update – Missing person at Singletary Lake State Park

8,303: Jury finds Shanika Mitchell guilty of murder

6,836: One killed Monday afternoon wreck.

That is entirely too much bad news, however, BladenOnline covered and Bladen County residents read about it on the BladenOnline webpage.  Others read it on Facebook,  Twitter and more.

And, for advertisers on BladenOnline, more views than ever.  If you are not advertising on BladenOnline, maybe you should be.  Call the office to add your business to our line-up.