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Robert Hester, Founder of BladenOnline.comQuick check of high school results from last night first round play…
Hertford County 40 – East Bladen 8
Clinton 39 – Beddingfield 18
Whiteville 13 – SE Onslow 3
Greene Central 40 – St. Pauls 8
Wallace Rose-Hill 74 – Kinston 32

Elizabethtown’s Pork & Beats Festival continues today at Cape Fear Farmers Market, 100 Martin Luther King Drive…

Early voting ends at 3 p.m. today … Next chance will be all day long on Tuesday…

Re-set your clocks and watch before bedtime tonight … Fall back one hour…

Remember when older folks were punie (puny) … Guess you could say I am puny … Not feeling well … so I went to Urgent Care, no service, doors locked … Walked across the street to Bladen County Hospital … Quick in, treated and out in a short time … No partying (104 temp) … Good service … but still feeling like crap … and a big day for this set of Hesters’ … Won’t get into that … So while others party, I will be at home … ‘puny’…

“Beware of resturants where the waiters wear funny hats!”

“Some people are retired when they just ought to be retreaded.”

“Most of us don’t really want to be young again. We just want to keep on getting older.”

Robert G Hester