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Thoughts While Shaving for November 29

Thoughts While ShavingCollege Basketball….late last night….No. 7 Michigan 84 – No. 11 UNC 67

NFL Thursday Night Game….Saints (10-1) at Cowboys (6-5), game on FOX at 8:20 p.m.

Kevin Conner, NC Trooper (Bladenboro native) recently killed in the line of duty was honored Wednesday by NC House of Representatives.

The body of 13-year-old Hania Aguilar of Lumberton has been recovered…FBI agent said, “there is no person of interest or anyone in jail.”  Rumors were rampant that there was….Hopefully there will be soon!!!

Surprised some don’t have a ‘heart attack’, stressed out about current political climate at national and state level…Been there and done that….no more, traded those stressful times for “The Andy Griffith Show”….and as stated earlier, sometimes go to bed frustrated with Barney Fife or Gomer Pyle…..or both…

Good day for investors in the stock market yesterday….Retirees depending on 401K’s and other type retirement programs need many more such days to fully recover, and it will happen, sometime…..I hope…

Among the worst jobs in Bladen County must be one associated with the Board of Elections……Someone always accused with ‘doing something wrong’, but after closer review, few if any confirmed miscues… least, in the past….US House of Representatives winner failed to be confirmed this week due to alleged errors in Bladen County…

Reminder of the Christmas Parade through downtown Bladenboro Saturday morning….Come early and enjoy…

I did a push-up recently! Well, actually I fell down, but I had to use my arms to get back up…..close enough….I need some chocolate…

If you ever get caught sleeping at work, just slowly raise your head and say “In Jesus Name I Pray”….

A recent study has found that women who carry a little weight live longer than the men who mention it.

robert g hester


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