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Robert Hester, Founder of BladenOnline.comNFL score Monday Night Football … KC Chiefs 30 – LA Raiders 29…

If you haven’t heard … Carolina Panthers owner fired head coach Matt Rhule on Monday. He will not likely be looking for a ‘soup kitchen’. He had a guaranteed contract, and is owed as much as $40 million. Big changes coming … Expect the team to continue to struggle this season, some coaches likely departing, maybe a new owner … Rhule was a very good college coach … Owner, Mr. Tepper, is a first time owner of an NFL team, I think … Wish all the best … But the team was going nowhere … 1-4 for this season … Hope they don’t trade McCaffrey, pound for pound the best running back around. Saw a note from a Panthers fan … and I quote, “Matt Rhule will make $834,000 a month for the next 48 months courtesy of the Carolina Panthers.”

I love to look back sometimes to see where I have been … some good, some not so good … I am a weight-watcher … Today, this AM, I weighed the same as I did 4 years ago … too much … but no more, no less…

The economy is depressing … Everything I need to purchase is higher … except income … and not bragging, but I am pretty much guaranteed grocery money as long as I live, if UNCLE SAM does not go broke … but, the concern I have is if we continue on this path, what happens to those who come later … My latest trip to the grocery store was the biggest bill I ever paid for groceries in my many years on this earth … This too will change … Not sure when or how. I am concerned about the less fortunate…

“The first lesson of economics is scarcity … there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.” Thomas Sowell

“Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists.” John Kenneth Galbraith

“A study of economics usually reveals that the best time to buy anything is last year.” Marty Allen

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