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Thoughts While Shaving for October 14

NFL Tuesday night score … Tennessee Titans 42 (4-0), Buffalo Bills (4-1) 16…

No idea when the last NFL game was played on Tuesday, but happened last night and Bladen County native Larrell Murchison played a great deal on the defensive line … The game was delayed several days because several Titan players have suffered from coronavirus … Whatever the reason, Murchison continues to get more playing time … In high school he played many different positions … defensive lineman and linebacker and fullback and tight end on offense … maybe more … Never dreamed I would be a Titan fan…

Political ads are downright disgusting … Sadly, many may be on target … both sides … About 3 weeks remaining … my guess … more disgusting commercials to come.

I recall, many, many years ago … break an ear of corn off the stalk … stalk left standing. After all was harvested used a one horse/mule stalk cutter, one row at the time … and dad told me I needed to walk, it was too much to expect of the mule/horse for me to ride … Never understood why there was a seat if not to ride on … but I walked…

I have mentioned of the many places we lived, all within a 3-4 mile area around Zion Hill Baptist Church, north of Bladenboro … At one location, guess I was 13, maybe 14 and discovered girls were nice … I carved my initial and that of a young lady I thought I was in love with … she never knew or would have dreamed … When I drive by today, 65 to 70 years later … wonder if the tree is still standing and if yes, wonder if the initials are legible … Haven’t had the nerve to stop and check … Not likely I ever will…

Early voting begins tomorrow in North Carolina…

“I am not a crook.” Richard Nixon

“Yes, I smoked pot, but I didn’t inhale.” Bill Clinton

“I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.” Winston Churchill

robert g hester


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