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Thoughts While Shaving for October 16

Early voting is underway in North Carolina … Presidential race expected to be close.

‘Bout this time in a national election, expect a surprise announcement from one or both parties…

Have you voted? Neither have I, but will before Early Voting is over … One statewide report indicates over 272,000 voters cast their ballot the first day. Combined with absentee ballots already cast, over 826,000 voters have already voted … that’s about 11% of registered voters in the state, according to the N.C. State Board of Elections.

For the record, there are 7,288,731 registered voters in the state of North Carolina. Early voting ends October 31, 2020.

Congress & the President can’t agree on anything, so what’s new? Both sides, well actually three sides, all indicate they are in favor of another stimulus package. US House Democrats, US Senate Republicans and President Trump … No one seems ready to budge…

I keep reading the President is the underdog in the election … remember the same story 4 years ago?

So much for the national race, how about the contest for NC officeholders, regional and local?…

It’s Friday … October 16, 2020 … Ordinarily, we would be thinking about trick or treat, Bladenboro’s Beastfest, to name a few events … Coronavirus has stopped us cold … since March…

See where someone at Dublin School has the virus … Numerous drug-makers at one state or another are developing medication that will help eliminate the ‘bad stuff’ … The nation and the world appear to be on ‘hold’.

Weather forecast is for 50% chance of rain today, windy with a high near 73 … Saturday … Sunny with a high near 65 and windy.

Every situation in life is temporary so, when life if good, make sure you enjoy and receive it fully. And when life isn’t so good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way.

Only he who has seen a better day and lives to see better days again knows their full value.

Never give up. Today may be hard, tomorrow could be worse, but the day after tomorrow will bring sunshine.

robert g hester


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