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Thoughts While Shaving for October 21

Late night NFL action; Dallas Cowboys 37, Philadelphia Eagles 10.

Tonight: NE Patriots vs New York Jets.

World Series begins Tuesday (tomorrow). Washington Nationals at Houston Astros, best of seven series.

Bladenboro’s Beastfest Friday and Saturday. Food, music, fun for all. More as the week goes on.

Homecomings and revivals this time of the year in Bladen and surrounding counties.

Remember my early years at the old Zion Hill Baptist Church, just north of Bladenboro. If my memory is correct, a couple of revivals a year … (memory fading, could have been just one). As the preacher was completing his sermon, we began to sing all ‘humpteen’ verses of ‘Just As I Am’ and some of the old saints of the church would walk the aisles asking questions about your relationship with Jesus and encouraging you go down to the alter and re-confirm. … Remember those days? Attendance at our house was not optional, per my mom. Attended revival services last night, opening night at Wesley’s Church UMC near Elizabethtown. Rev. Eckie Lancaster preached … song all the verses of ‘Just As I Am’, but no longer hear or or see the saints of days gone by walking the aisles. … Brought back memories. … Services continue through Wednesday night. All are welcomed. Church is located on Peanut Plant Road, Elizabethtown.

Never hear of a wiener roast or a marshmallow roast anymore … again, big deal as a youngster, many years ago. Everyone is too busy … texting, etc. The world we live in has changed … and we have changed … some for the better and some not so good.

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live…

Often our level of maturity depends on who we are with….

The secret to life is to love who you are … warts and all.

robert g hester

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