Thoughts While Shaving
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2020 World Series results … Tampa Bay Rays 6 – Los Angeles Dodgers 4. (series tied 1-1). Game 3 set for Friday, 8 PM.

NFL Thursday night game – New York Giants (1-5) at Philadelphia for game with Eagles (1-4-1) Gametime, 8:20 PM.

Presidential debate tonight, final debate for 2 presidential candidates, 9-10 PM, at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Watch it on all the major TV networks … plus C-SPAN and UTube…

Hope you read Jefferson Weaver’s article in yesterday’s edition of BladenOnline … good reading…

Early voting continues this week and next … Google Bladen County Board of Elections for voting sites in the county. General Election less than 2 weeks away … Tuesday, November 3rd.

Bladen County has 9 commissioners and could be 7 new ones come December 7 … not likely, but in an election such as this year, anything can happen…

13 days until Election Day, 10 days until the Early Voting Period Ends … According to the NC State Board of Election website, 6,815 ballots have been cast in Bladen County, or 29.93% of registered voters in the county had voted as of Wednesday, November 21, 2020. Mail in ballots totaled 949 and One-Stop ballots cast were 5,866.

I miss the old way of counting ballots … teams of volunteers, one at a time … one calling out the names, 2 recording … and witnessed by many. Technology made that obsolete and hopefully more accurate, but don’t think the old was was inaccurate … or bad..

Concerns about truth or lies, especially at the national level … FactCheck or Snopes supposedly does the checking and reports their findings…

Who do you know that has not already made up their mind about who they voted for or will vote for??? … About as polarized as I have ever seen…

“There are always too many Democratic congressman, too many Republican congressman, and never enough US congressman.” Unknown

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” Winston Churchill

“A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman thinks of the next generation.” James Freeman Clarke

robert g hester