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Thoughts While Shaving For October 8

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NFL results … Rams 26 – Seahawks 17.

Re-districting time … An event that occurs every 10 years … State Legislature determines the US House re-districting process and at the local level, County Commissioners make the final decision, usually with some outside assist … Stay tuned…

Love this time of year … a little ‘nip’ in the early morning … Looking forward to first frost … stop or slow weeds in the yard … soon cease cutting grass til spring…

The older I get the more I watch obit pages … Seems more folks dying younger … probably not true but seems so.

‘Bout this time of year see more pumpkins and boiled peanuts ‘for sale’ signs.

A reminder, if you haven’t paid property taxes … they were due September 1, no penalty for late payment until early January … I hear folks complaining about taxes due at Christmas time … Nope, past due now, but no penalty … yet.

If you won a ‘pot full’ of money, like in the lottery … what would you do with it?

I miss tent revivals ’bout this time of year … been a long time since I saw such a set-up.

Shot time … 3rd shot for coronavirus is available as are flu shots…

Seldom hear of a shortage of new cars … seems so this year … More emphasis on electric vehicles … Pull in to service station and ‘plug-in’.

“But I miss you most of all, my darling when autumn leaves start to fall.” Natalie Cole

“Of all the seasons, autumn offers the most to man (or woman) and requires the least of either.” Hal Borland

“Life begins all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

robert g hester

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