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Thoughts While Shaving for September 18

One more reminder related to upcoming events in the area … the Annual Gathering at Brown Marsh Presbyterian Church, Saturday, October 5, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Attendees are asked to bring a covered dish. Special guests this year includes John Goodman, who will be playing favorite hymns on dulcimer. The church is located at 8561 Brown Marsh/Mercer Mill Road, out of Clarkton. All are invited.

Flash back. … Do you remember?

Miss Firebird, always a beautiful young lady, often associated with the Southern 500 NASCAR race in Darlington..

Ever work for $1 an hour, how ’bout 30, 40, 50 cents an hours … cropping and stringing tobacco? … then grade and tie in small bundles, put it on a stick, ready for market.

Ever go to the tobacco market where the auctioneer and buyers strolled along selling tobacco pile by pile? Someone always had boiled peanuts for sale and a big, ice cold Pepsi-Cola … ’bout as good as a youngster could ask for.

After the crop was sold, it was time for back to school .. and the retailers had back-to-school sales.

After the tobacco markets closed, and most of the crops were gathered … head to Clarkton for the Tobacco Festival … stay all night long visiting with Bladen residents from all over the county. … Good times.

Remember witch weed? I bet farmers in the 50s and 60s do.

Ever keep the house warm using coal, the dirtiest heat anywhere.

Remember Kit and Mary Jane candy?

Often wonder how dad could purchase a 5 or 10 cent cup of Butter Cup ice cream, and get it home before it melted … t came complete with a small flat wooden spoon and it was delicious.

So much has changed, some for the better, no doubt, but not all.

One more question … when was the last time your had a good cry?

Sorry, lost in yesteryear … wonderful memories.

It takes nothing to join the crowd. But, it takes everything to stand alone.

Be somebody nobody thought you could be.

The days that break you are the days that actually make you.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what you do in your life, you never stop needing your mom.” Kate Winslet

robert g hester

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