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Thoughts While Shaving for September 28

Thoughts While ShavingIf you watched the presidential debate earlier this week, you were one of an estimated 80 plus million people who ‘tuned in’ to watch and listen to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Jobs are available in Bladen County.  See the article ‘Workers needed Job Fair in Bladen County’ in the news section.  JobLink, located near E-town Primary School, at 401 Mercer Mill Road is the place to be Friday from 2 til 3:30 p.m. Jobs are available and more are on the way.
Know someone who is strugglin’?  A helping hand does good for the one in need and those willing to help.
Sometimes I have extra time to learn something new about Bladen County and those that call the area home.  My latest discovery is Benjamin Henry White (1852-1918).  Mr. White was born in Rosindale, he was a notable black Republican Attorney, served in various political offices at the state and national level.  The article was written by Benjamin R. Justesen.
I just ‘Google’ Bladen and see what ‘pops up’.  Some interesting folks are natives of the ‘mother county.’
The driver’s license office in Elizabethtown is moving to 197 North Pine Street on Monday.  Has been on Gillespie Street over 30 years.  Same phone number, 910-862-3169.
I am so impressed with the good work of Erin Smith, Charlotte Smith and their BladenOnline staff.  They keep Bladen residents in the ‘news loop.’  Live here, work here, cover local news, sports and more.  If no BladenOnline available with constant updates….much would go unnoticed/unreported.  Subscription price remains the same, we are better informed. And, if you want area residents to know about your business, call Charlotte for all your advertising needs.  Her number is 910-876-5393.
I have a dog that’s half pit bull, half poodle.  Not much of a guard dog, but a vicious gossip.  Craig Shoemaker
Wouldn’t exercise be more fun if calories screamed while you burned them?  Bill Murray
I grew up with six brothers.  That’s how I learned to dance-waiting for the bathroom.  Bob Hope
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