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Thoughts While Shaving – May 14

Thoughts While ShavingCongratulations to all who were involved in Bladen Operation Safe Summer.  Law Enforcement, Bladen EMS, Bladen County Hospital, Ace Wrecker, Gaskins Funeral Home and numerous other agencies and individuals were involved in an effort to make an impression on students at East and West Bladen High Schools..

Atlas McVicker, one of the organizers, said “We want a summer with no fatalities.”

Thanks to all participants, organizers, volunteers and students.

Another election is on the horizon.  A primary election related to the election of members of Congress and a NC Supreme Court Justice will be held June 7.  Early voting begins May 26.  More to come.

New congressional districts have been drawn.  When you look at the districts statewide, the members of the legislature must have been drinking ‘strange Kool-Aid’.  About half of Bladen is in a district that stretches along the South Carolina border from Bladen to near Charlotte.  My prayer is the next redistricting will be done by middle grade students, guarantee they could be a better job.  Thought it could not get worse, but it has.  Don’t think our forefathers ever dreamed our leaders could be so immature.  And, both political parties are guilty.  Hope the current districts are ruled ‘illegal’ by the courts.  In the meantime, we will hold an election soon using the latest maps drawn.

More and more of our imports are coming from overseas. George W. Bush  2000

If nominate, I will not accept.  If elected, I will not serve.  William Tecumseh Sherman 1884

I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times.  Jimmy Carter  1976

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