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Through Trucks Prohibited in Elizabethtown

Contributed by Chief Parrish of Elizabethtown Police Department

With the recent installation of new signs, the Town of Elizabethtown will begin to strictly enforce the town’s ordinance that prohibits “through trucks” on local streets. The town’s ordinance, §70.51 (B) states: All though trucks shall travel exclusively on N.C. 87 Bypass and U.S. 701 which are designated truck routes, and shall not operate on SR numbered routes or local streets except to travel to a point off a through route for the purpose of collecting or discharging cargo or passengers.

A “through truck” is defined as any truck having three or more axles, which passes through the town without stopping for the purpose of either collecting or discharging cargo or for the purpose of either collecting or discharging passengers.

The NC Department of Transportation recently installed new signs along Business N.C. Hwy 87 and N.C. Hwy 41 (Broad Street) clearly indicating through trucks are not allowed. A violation of the ordinance is an infraction, which carries a fine of $25, plus $188 in court costs.

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