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Tips about firearm safety from a professional

Maryellen Robeson with Shooter Ready, LLC spoke to the Elizabethtown Rotary Club about gun safety this week at Cape Fear Vineyard & Winery. Robeson is a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, NC Certified Concealed Carry Instructor, Staff Instructor for NRA Whittington Center, New Mexico, Women’s Wilderness Escape, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, and is a Retired Youth Pastor.

“We do as Americans get to enjoy our right to be gun owners, but with that right we have to be responsible,” Robeson opened the presentation saying.

Some firearm safety rules Robeson went over are:

Also keep a fire armed pointed in a safe direction.

Make sure you use the right ammunition for your fire arm.

Don’t use drugs or alcohol when using a firearm.

When you’re cleaning your firearm make sure you’re in an open space with no ammunition in the cleaning area.

Store your firearms in a safe place. Always know where your firearms are in your home.

Talk to your children about your firearms and firearm safety.

Other tips Robeson gave the group were related to keeping your home safe.

The tips are as follows:

When planting foliage make sure the landscaping will not make it easy for someone to hide near your door. You may even want to grow plants with horns.

Don’t store tools or valuables outside.

Lock your doggy doors.

Watch what you post on social media. Don’t post when you’re out of town.

Always know who is in your home. If you have a contractor in your home make sure you know the company and the person’s name.

After demonstrating some safety tips, Robeson took questions from those in attendance. Robeson does provide firearm safety classes. For more information you may contact her at

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