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5 tips for Mother’s Day gifts

By Dora Brogdon

Every year on the second Sunday of May children give gifts to their mothers in appreciation. The holiday began on May 10, 1908 by Anna Jarvis when she held a memorial service to both her mother and all the mothers at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church. The second Sunday was designated for Mother’s Day by President Woodrow Wilson in the year 1914.

For those that struggle finding that perfect gift for their mother here are some ideas!

– The one thing that will always work as a gift is giving flowers! Find some of her favorite flowers and make an arrangement of them or buy ones that already made.

– Another thing would be to give her something made at home with lots of love and care. This can go from making a card with the kids to a DIY Mother’s Day gift!

– If your mother has any favorite hobbies than maybe give her a gift related to that hobby. Maybe she enjoys to go out in her garden or do some knitting or crocheting.

– Gift cards can do the trick if she has a favorite store, maybe a specific store for her favorite hobby, and that way she can go and treat herself to something!

– But the one thing any mother would love the most is spending time with her family. Whether it’s by watching a movie, having a meal that she didn’t have to cook, or just being together sharing stories.

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