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BladenOnline’s Danna Martínez and Charlotte Smith wore hats to work today for Wear a Hat Day to bring more awareness about brain tumors.


by Danna Martínez

Show off your style and wear one of your best hats this Wear a Hat Day! This day is celebrated annually on March 26, seeking to raise awareness about brain tumors and their study, encouraging people worldwide, affected or not, to “join their minds” and make a difference by wearing a hat.

According to the National Brain Tumor Society, “An estimated 700,000 Americans are living with a primary brain tumor.” A brain tumor is a small abnormal mass or collection of cells that grow in or around the brain. This tumor’s location poses a risk to the healthy brain because it invades normal brain tissue, compressing it and disrupting the brain.

Thanks to advances in science, treatments for brain tumors have improved, and attempts are being made to continue to do so over time; generally, the treatments are surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is one of the newer treatments that allow the destruction of the tumor by protecting the brain from unwanted radiation. According to the Innovative Cancer Institute, “This technique has revolutionized treatment because it is more precise and has minimal side effects compared to older conventional radiation therapy.” Radiation and chemotherapy are most often used to fight malignant tumors (also called brain cancer). However, each case is different, and the appropriate treatment choice requires a professional opinion and depends on several factors.

When it comes to brain tumors, age, nationality, gender, or any other difference is not considered; Anyone can develop a brain tumor. That is why, in order to advance research, this celebration has the purpose of symbolically “putting minds together” through the use of the hat, encouraging people worldwide.

Let’s put our minds and heads together through this movement. Wear a hat to make a difference and raise brain-tumor awareness.