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Contributed by Mr. Arthur Bullock

The Brewer Family suffered a total loss of their home due to a fire.  The family Bible was the only item saved.  The public is requested to assist them with donations of clothing, household items and anything that will assist them to get back on a strong footing.  A cash app $nessaesco has been established.  Checks and/or certified money orders can be written to Vanessa Brewer or a grandmother, Cynthia Thompson Clinton.  All acts of kindness are appreciated.  Listed below are sizes for the children. Items can be given to D’Vora Shaw at WBLA Radio Station – 512 Peanut Road – Elizabethtown NC between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon weekdays.

SEX                    SHIRT SIZES                    PANT SIZES                    SHOE SIZES
BOY                   8                                         8                                        2 to 2.5
GIRL                  7/8                                      7/8                                     13 child – 1youth
BOY                  10/12                                  10/12                                  4.5 to 5
GIRL                 Small Junior                       00                                       6

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