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DUNN – West Bladen’s Girls and Clinton’s Boys won their 3rd consecutive Southeastern Athletic Conference track & field meets Thursday.

Coach Stanley Williams’ Lady Knights outscored Midway 23-2 in the hurdles and that margin carried West Bladen to an edge of 88-84 over the Lady Raiders in total points. East Bladen finished 4th with 50 points. Fairmont was 3rd with 58.

Clinton piled up 188.5 points to win the boys meet. West Bladen placed 2nd with 64.5 points followed by Midway with 50 points. East Bladen was 4th with 38 points. Midway hosted the meet. St. Pauls and Red Springs did not compete Thursday.

Event winners for the Lady Knights were Trinity VanEyken in the 100 meter hurdles, and Shanyla Hunter in the long jump. VanEyken was 2nd in the 300 meter hurdles, and Hunter was 2nd in the 100 meters.

Other 2nd place finishers for West were: Kiera Lewis in the long jump; Adairis Jimenez in the 3200 meters; Azilliyah McDonald in the 100 meter hurdles; Destyni Blackwell in the 800 meters; Tahlela Bethea in the high jump; Alina Chavez in the discus.

Travis Baxley won the triple jump for the West Bladen boys. Stefane Jessup was 2nd in the long jump. Deonte Lacey placed 2nd in the shot put, and Tydrick Stewart was 2nd in the 100 meters.

Jayden Dailey was a big scorer for the Eagle boys winning the 800 meter run and finishing 2nd in both the 1600 meter and 3200 meter runs. Jadon Pridgen placed 2nd in the discus.

Reema Virden won the 800 meter run for the Lady Eagles and was 2nd in the 1600 meters. Sabara McLean placed 2nd in the 400 meters, and Savanna Howell was 2nd in the triple jump.

All of the Bladen County athletes who finished their events are listed below:

Boys Events

100 meters – 2nd Tydrick Stewart (WB) 11.19; 6th Chace Butler (EB) 11.59; 7th Malijah McKoy (WB) 11.70; 9th Stefane Jessup (WB) 11.80;10th Masion Brooks (EB) 11.9; 12th Matthew Kemp (EB) 12.16.

200 meters – 3rd Tydrick Stewart (WB) 23.7; 4th Malijah McKoy (WB) 23.77; 6th Matthew Kemp (EB) 24.30; 7th Jayden Dailey (EB) 24.64; 9th Jordan Underwood (WB) 25.27.

400 meters – 3rd Travis Baxley (WB) 56.12; 6th Jordan Underwood (WB) 1:00.31; 7th Dayshon Campbell (EB) 1:02.0; 10th Dorien Rivera (WB) 1:04.32; 11th Xavier Potts (EB) 1:05.0 12th Kyron McKoy (EB) 1:05.95.

800 meters – 1st Jayden Dailey (EB) 2:23; 9th Kyron McKoy (EB) 2:51.0; 10th Carlos Gonzalez (WB) 3:14; 11th Robert McKoy (WB) 3:21; 12th Jacob Caulder (EB) 3:26.0.

1600 meters – 2nd Jayden Dailey (EB) 5:16; 5th Dylan Taylor (WB) 6:41; 8th Antuan Martinez (WB) 7:17.

3200 meters – 2nd Jayden Dailey (EB) 12:36; 4th Omarion Brown (WB) 14:56; 5th Raul Morales (WB) 16:11.

110 meter Hurdles- 3rd Shaun Barkley (WB) 19.29; 4th Deyon McDonald (WB) 19.62;

300 meter Hurdles – 3rd Shaun Barkley (WB) 46.55.

4×100 Meter Relay – 3rd East Bladen 46.79.

4×200 Meter Relay – 3rd West Bladen 1:37.85; 4th East Bladen 1:37.87.

4×800 Meter Relay -3rd West Bladen 12:31.0.

High Jump – 4th Jordan Mathis (EB) 5’6”.

Long Jump – 2nd Stefane Jessup (WB) 18’8”; 4th Jordan Underwood (WB) 18’6”; 6th Omarion Atkinson (EB) 17’8”; 6th Malijah McKoy (WB) 17’8”; 8th Jordan Mathis (EB) 17’4”.

Triple Jump – 1st Travis Baxley (WB) 37’6”; 4th Tyreon Graham (EB) 35’4”; 7th Shaun Barkley (WB) 33’3”; 8th Justin Spaulding (WB) 31’9”.

Shot Put – 2nd Deonte Lacy (WB) 40’8”; 4th Jadon Pridgen (EB) 39’7”; 6th Malik Banks (EB) 36’0”; 7th Gary Parker (WB) 35’2”;10th Kevonte Drye (WB) 32’8”; 11th Gereal Maye (EB) 29’3”.

Discus – 2nd Jadon Pridgen (EB) 112’7”; 3rd Iyan Phillips (WB) 110’1”; 4th Gary Parker (WB) 107’2”; 7th Koden McKoy (EB) 79’7”; 8th Malik Banks (EB) 76’0”; 10th Christopher Perez (WB) 63’0”.

Team Results: Clinton 188.5, West Bladen 64.5, Midway 50, East Bladen 38, Fairmont 18.

Girls Events

100 meters – 2nd Shanyla Hunter (WB) 13.13; 4th Sabara McLean (EB) 13.29; 5th Trinity Kemp (EB) 13.36; 6th Keira Lewis (WB) 13.49; 7th Zykeria Bowen (EB) 14.02.

200 meters – 3rd Azillyah McDonald (WB) 30.27; 8th Jyra Best (WB) 33.07; 9th Zybriona Johnson (WB) 33.31.

400 meters – 2nd Sabara McLean (EB) 1:17.42.

800 meters – 1st Reema Virden (EB) 3:17; 2nd Destyni Blackwell (WB) 3:18.

1600 meters – 2nd Reema Virden (EB) 8:09.

3200 meters – 2nd Adairis Jimenez (WB) 21:00.

100 meter Hurdles – 1st Trinity Van Eyken (WB) 16.17; 2nd Azillyah McDonald (WB) 19.04; 3rd Ariel Cromartie (EB) 19.06; 5th Layla Lent (EB) 20.74.

300 meter Hurdles – 2nd Trinity VanEyken (WB) 52.24; 4th Azillyah McDonald (WB) 1:00.37; 5th Alicia Lawson (WB) 1:03.44.

4×100 Meter Relay – 2nd West Bladen 54.57; 3rd East Bladen 55.73.

4×200 Meter Relay – 1st East Bladen 1:57; 2nd West Bladen 1:58.

High Jump – 2nd Tahlela Bethea (WB) 4’0”.

Long Jump – 1st Shanyla Hunter (WB) 16’1”; 2nd Kiera Lewis (WB) 15’9”; 4th Savanna Howell (EB) 13’1”; 5th; Layla Lent (EB) 12’4”; 6th Nice McKoy (EB) 12’0”; 8th Naihena Leach (EB) 11’8”.

Triple Jump – 2nd Savanna Howell (EB) 27’9”; 4th Alicia Lawson (WB) 27’2”; 5th Naihena Leach (EB) 26’8”; 6th Nice McKoy (EB) 24’10”.

Shot Put – 3rd Alina Chavez (WB) 23’7”.

Discus – 2nd Alina Chavez (WB) 62’5”.

Team Results – West Bladen 88, Midway 84, Fairmont 58, East Bladen 50, Clinton 48.

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