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NCDOT : Traffic Incident Response Week

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Safety is always the top priority at the N.C. Department of Transportation, not only for drivers and employees, but also first responders.
Each year, hundreds of emergency responders representing fire, law enforcement, emergency medical services, towing and transportation agencies are injured or killed by distracted drivers while responding to calls for service.
In an effort to raise awareness of these dangers and help keep them safe, the department is partnering with the State Highway Patrol to offer some reminders to drivers during Traffic Incident Response Week which runs Nov. 13-19.

Remember to:
Slow down and move over when passing an incident scene. It’s the law in North Carolina; and
If you can steer it, clear it. If your vehicle is drivable after a fender bender or crash, and there are no injuries, move it to the shoulder or off the side of the road while waiting for emergency responders.

“I tell individuals the law encompasses anybody with a light on their vehicle at an emergency scene, so it’s very important that the motoring public moves over as they’re approaching an emergency incident,” said Highway Patrol Sgt. Michael Baker.
Let’s work together to make our roads safer for everyone.