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By Erin Smith

A Bladen County man who was involved in a six-hour standoff with law enforcement in November 2017, could be facing a trial in July.

MacKenzie Brisson was in Bladen County Superior Court along with his defense attorney, Butch Pope on Monday. As Brisson’s case was called by Judge Croom Pope addressed the court on Brisson’s behalf.

“He (Brisson) is in here, your honor. We had a plea and the State changed its mind. We are renegotiating,” said Pope.

While negotiations for a new plea arrangement are continuing, Bladen County Assistant District Attorney Quentin McGee asked for the case to be placed on the court docket with a trial date of July 15, 2019.

The case has been on the calendar for case management about every other month, according to court records.

Brisson is alleged to have barricaded himself inside a home on Paul Brisson Road on November 21, 2017 and is accused of shooting at law enforcement officers. After the shooting stopped, officers sent a robot inside the home in attempt to locate Brisson. The robot was unable to locate Brisson inside of the residents. Officers eventually found Brisson inside of a pick up truck in the garage of the home. No one was injured and the standoff with law enforcement which ended peacefully after six hours.