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Upcoming Board of Commissioners Meeting on Monday, December 6th with Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

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By Cara Beth Lewis

The Bladen County Board of Commissioners will meet at 6:30 pm in the Commissioners Room, located in the lower level of Bladen County Courthouse in Elizabethtown, on Monday, December 6th.

The meeting will begin with invocation and the pledge, followed by the approval of consent items. For this meeting, consent items include:

  • Minutes of recent meetings

  • Budget Amendments through December 6, 2021

  • County Attorney Invoices

  • Bonds for Public Officials

  • 2022 Commissioner Meeting Schedule

  • Scheduling of public hearing on December 20th regarding proposed amendment to Bladen County Zoning Ordinance

  • Tarheel Medical Billing Service Agreement and Business Associate Agreement

  • Fireworks Display at Camp Clearwater on December 31

  • Sale of Reddick Sprayer to the town of Elizabethtown

  • ProBenefits 2022 Flexible Savings Account Renewal

  • ProBenefits 2022 COBRA Data Verification Form and 2022 Plan Rates

County Manager, Greg Martin, will conduct the election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year. A brief recess will follow.

There will be a public hearing to discuss the 2022 Schedule of Values, Standards, and Rules in Accordance with NCGS 105-317.

There are five items on the agenda concerning Bladen County Water District. Items include: consider entering session as Bladen County Water District Board of Directors, update regarding GenX, PFAS, and activities in Bladen County, approve Change Order number three for Contract 1 – Water Mains to reduce financial obligation by $62,593, and add 90 Days to Substantial Completion Date (November 23, 2021), approve amendment number three in the amount of $38,000 for Engineering Services for Additional Engineering and Inspection Services related to the revised scope of work and contract time for Water Lines, and finally, consider exiting session as Bladen County Board of Directors.

The revenue department will make three proposals: consider accepting a bid in the amount of $6,600 for county-owned property located at 523 Autrytown Road, Elizabethtown, consider accepting a bid in the amount of $2,650 for county-owned property located off Laura Hill Drive, Elizabethtown, and consider approving the Sealed Bid Procedure for county-owned properties which have structures to be removed and are not rebuildable.

Health Director Dr. Terri Duncan will give an update regarding COVID-19 and the vaccination process.

Advisory appointments for consideration (December 20th):

  • Ammon Fire Department Firefighters Relief Fund Board

  • Barts Advisory Board

  • Bay Tree Lakes Fire Department Firefighters Relief Fund Board

  • Child Fatality Prevention Team

  • Division on Aging Board

  • East Arcadia Fire Department Firefighters Relief Fund Board

  • Economic Development Commission

  • Health and Human Services Advisory Committee

  • Hickory Grove Fire Department Firefighters Relief Fund Board

  • Personnel Advisory Board

  • Tarheel Fire Department Firefighters Relief Fund Board

  • Tobermory Fire Department Firefighters Relief Fund Board

  • White Oak Fire Department Firefighters Relief Fund Board

Next, County Manager Greg Martin will address the commissioners, giving various updates and reviews. He will give a Calendar Review, Review of Rules of Procedure, Review of Code of Ethics, Review of Conflict of Interest Policy, and update regarding Trillium realignment.

Matters of interest to the commissioners include:

  • Consider Adopting a Resolution In Support of Individual Freedom Over Personal Vaccination Status

  • Consider Requesting General Assembly to Enact Legislation Prohibiting the Discharge of Firearms On or Across Any Highway Right-of-Way in Bladen County

Lastly, the meeting will adjourn.