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Update on Free Drive-Up Wi-Fi and School Meals in Bladen County

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Bladen County Schools and Star Communications gave updates on Wednesday, March 25. Bladen County Schools announced beginning tomorrow, Thursday, March 26, meals will be delivered to all Bladen County Students. Star Communications announced an update with locations with free drive-up internet hot spots.

Read the updates below:

Beginning tomorrow, Thursday, March 26, Bladen County school buses will be delivering meals to all students in Bladen County. We will have 21 buses on the roads traveling throughout all of Bladen County delivering lunch and breakfast to all students. They will begin delivering meals at 11:00 AM on Thursday.

The stop times and stop locations for the meal deliveries are posted on the Bladen County Schools website at Please visit the website where you will find your delivery time.

Click on the brown lunch bag photo titled “Stop Times and Locations” located on the home page of the district website and look for the area closest to your home for your exact delivery time.

This meal-delivery service is not following the regular school bus routes and stop times. Buses will instead be stopping at the main road closest to your home address.

We thank you in advance for your flexibility and patience as we implement meal delivery to all students in Bladen County. As with any new initiative, some elements will require refinement and will take a few days to iron out the kinks. We appreciate your understanding as we work through the process of meal delivery by bus. We are working hard to support our students.

Star Communications Public Announcement COVID-19 Update:

Star Communications announced on March 25, “We will be installing more units today at Centerville Baptist Church in Kelly, Rowan PFWB Church in Ivanhoe, and Harrell’s Christian Academy in Harrell’s.”

We recognize the importance of continuing to provide critical services to our customers in these challenging times. We are writing to let you know of the steps we are taking to ensure the continuity of our services.

Star is closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 and how it affects our employees and customers. Star has developed and is in the process of implementing an action plan concerning how we will handle our employee body and customer interactions as the virus spreads.  It is our goal to keep essential services up and running, all while protecting our employees and customers.

First and foremost, Star is not closing down, far from it.  We will be conducting business differently starting Tuesday March 24th.  We will be closing our offices to walk-in traffic. We understand this will be an inconvenience, however, we must do our part in stopping the spread ofthis terrible virus. We will be staffing phones, operating chat from our website, handling drop box payments, drive-thru payments, communicating via our App and website ( and adding new service orders over the phone.  

As many of you know, Star offers connectivity to most of our serviceterritory. We also provide services to many customers in and around the towns and cities of our area.  For those that do not subscribe to Star’s Internet services, we are installing over 30 FREE public Wi-Fi hot-spots around our service territory.  Internet will be available from 8:00 am until 9:00 pm each night.  These locations will have an increased law enforcement presence thanks to the Clinton and Elizabethtown Police Departments and the Sampson and Bladen County Sheriff’s Departments. We would like to thank them for all of their efforts.

The following is a list of locations that will have Wi-Fi hot-spots installedas of this announcement; however, this list may change over time.  We will keep everyone updated, as equipment becomes available and sites come on-line.  The locations that already have service available are noted below with an Asterisk “ * ”.  

Sampson/Clinton School Locations

Union High School – Students Only*

Bladen County School Locations

Tar Heel Middle School – Open Access*

Hobbton High School – Students Only*

West Bladen High School – Open Access*

Midway High School – Students Only*

East Bladen High School – Open Access*

Lakewood High School – Students Only*

Bladenboro Middle School – Open Access*

Butler Ave School – Students Only*

East Arcadia School – Open Access*

LC Kerr School – Students Only*

Bladen Lakes Primary – Open Access*

Sunset Ave School – Students Only*

Clarkton School of Discovery – Open Access*

Sampson Middle School – Students Only*

Clinton High School – Students Only*

Sampson Community College – Open Access*

Harrells Christian Academy – Open Access

Mintz Christian Academy – Open Access

Public Open Access Wi-Fi Locations: (As of Wednesday the 25th, 3:00pm)

Sampson County Open Wi-Fi Access

Star Retail Store (Lowes) – Open Access*

Bladen County Open WiFi Access

E’town Farmers Market – Open Access*

Newton Grove Library – Open Access*

Rowan PFWB Ch. Ivanhoe – Open Access

Garland Library – Open Access*

Centerville Baptist Ch. Kelly–Open Access

Roseboro Library – Open Access*

242 Ammon Grill – Open Access

Clinton Library – Open Access*

Star District Office (E’town) – Open Access*

Star Office (421 Hwy) – Open Access*

We appreciate your partnership and we remain committed to providing you with the highest level of service in a safe and responsible manner. Should you have any questions or wish to discuss this situation further, please contact your local service representative at 1-800-706-6538.  

Star Communications

Neighbors Serving Neighbors

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