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Lightning IntegratorTM and Lightning ExporterTM will offer recent lightning event data impacting employee safety and productivity.

Vaisala, a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, including comprehensive lightning data, today announced the launch of Lightning Integrator and Lightning Exporter, new platforms used to access historical lightning data to support companies with regulatory compliance and legal reporting requirements.

The subscription-based products utilize historical lightning data from Vaisala’s National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) and – for the first time – historical data from Vaisala’s Global Lightning Dataset, GLD360. The Lightning Integrator is an application program interface (API) that allows companies and governments to ingest lightning data straight into their systems, so users can quickly gain access to historical lightning data after a storm. While Lightning Integrator is more developer friendly, the Lightning Exporter is a different platform that is easier to use and does not require technical training. The Lightning Exporter website enables personnel to download lightning data for a location and time period anywhere they have active operations.

“It is valuable for companies to have access to accurate lightning data, so they can generate safety reports, account for costly downtime, or work quickly to repair damaged assets,” says Brooke Pearson, Lightning Global Solutions Manager at Vaisala. “Our new platforms enable easy access to historical lightning data within seconds, for any location across the world.”

Lightning can significantly impact industries in two main ways: it can put the safety of employees who work outside at risk as well as cause damage to outdoor infrastructure. It can cost airports, airlines, government agencies and the mining, oil and gas industries thousands of dollars each minute there is unexpected employee downtime due to severe weather or lightning that impacts communication lines and other business infrastructure. Often, legal and regulatory requirements dictate the need for historical lightning reports. Data from Vaisala Lightning Integrator and Lightning Exporter meet those needs.

“Vaisala’s lightning data is second to none,” Pearson says. “Last year alone, NLDN detected more than 21 million cloud-to-ground lightning flashes across the U.S. and GLD360’s data tracked nearly 9 billion lightning strokes globally over the last five years. With Lightning Integrator and Lightning Exporter, it is easier than ever for companies to get much-needed data quickly and efficiently.”