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Water District announces repairs completed on Live Oak Well

By Charlotte Smith

The Bladen County Water District sent out a notice today, June 11, stating the Live Oak Well has been repaired and is ready to be put back in service. On Monday, June 3, 2019 the Live Oak well was shut down due to unexpected equipment related issues according to the water district.

Alan Edge, Water District Director, and Kip McClary, General Services Manager with the Bladen County appeared before the commissioners that Monday evening at Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Charles Ray Peterson’s request. The two were asked explain the issues related to the Live Oak Well, which serves the White Oak Community and the Highway 53 Corridor. The two gave an in-depth report about the well issues and the reason the well was turned off for an emergency repair.

The two explained the water was being rerouted from another location causing a temporary discoloration in the water. The discolored water was concerning some citizens. Bladen County Commissioner, Dr. Ophelia Munn-Goins asked the two if the water was safe to drink. The two county employees advised the water should not be consumed if it is discolored.

Mr. Edge explained this issue had never happened before, but insured the commissioners the local water district was working hard to fix the issues. Commissioner Michael Cogdell asked if the citizens should be concerned about GenX, a toxic chemical, in the water.

McClary and Edge explained the GenX levels were of no concern according to the state standards. The only concerning issues the water district professionals brought before the commissioners were the unforeseen repairs and the discoloration in the water.

On Tuesday, June 11 the Bladen County Water District sent out an announcement to their customers stating the Live Oak well has been repaired, is ready to be put back in service and the district plans to put the well in service on Thursday, June 13. The notice stated, “While every effort will be made to keep the water as clear as possible during this transition, customers may experience some discoloration in the water. Customers are encouraged to limit use as much as possible and refrain from laundering white or light colored items.” The letter to the county customers continued, “Your patience with us during this unforeseen incident is greatly appreciated.”

View the notice here:

Bladen County Water District Customer Notice

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