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West Bladen High School Peer Group Connections Presents… Family Night


PGC will be hosting a Family Night, and we hope you will join us!

Who: Freshmen (the Class of 2023) and their families. 

When: November 21st, 2019 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00pm. 

Where: The Media Center at West Bladen High School 

This previous week, PGC sent invitations to the ninth grade students, which included an RSVP note. We would love to know if you plan on joining us. 

This is a FREE event! Childcare will be available towards any children you may bring to the event. 


All families that plan to join will sign in.

As everyone eats, we will discuss the meaning of PGC and its potential impact towards the students and the school 

Once this is complete, we will break into small groups and do an activity. 

Following this, PGC will come back as one group and play one final fun game. 

We hope to see you there!

Spanish version:

West Bladen High School 

Peer Group Connections Presenta…Noche Familiar

PGC organizará una Noche Familiar, ¡y esperamos que nos pueda acompañar!

Quién: Estudiantes de noveno grado (la clase de 2023) y sus familiares. 

Cuándo: El 21 de noviembre del 2019 de 6:00 a 8:00 p.m. 

Dónde: La biblioteca de West Bladen High School

La semana anterior, PGC envió invitaciones a los estudiantes de noveno grado, donde una nota de RSVP fue incluida. Nos encantaría saber si planea asistir a este evento. 

¡Este es un evento GRATUITO! El cuidado de niños estará disponible para cualquier niño que asista al evento. 


Todas las familias que planean asistir se registrarán.

Mientras todos comen, PGC discutirá el significado de PGC y su impacto para los estudiantes y la escuela. 

Una vez que esto esté completo, nos dividiremos en grupos pequeños y participaremos en una actividad. 

Después de esto, PGC regresará como un solo grupo y jugaremos un último juego divertido. 

¡Esperamos verte en este evento!

Previously contributed article:

PGC Leads Homecoming Week in Spirit

Peer Group Leaders Janet Rivera, Ana Zurita Posas, Iveth Garcia, and Brigit Zuniga Labra dress up as the popular Latino show, El Chavo, during Television Tuesday.

During the week of October 14th-18th, West Bladen High School celebrated their Homecoming Week in anticipation for the Football Game of the West Bladen Knights vs. the West Columbus Vikings. The Homecoming Days were:

Monday: Crazy Hat/Sock Day

Tuesday:  Television Tuesday

Wednesday: Whiny Wednesday (Babies vs. Old People)

Thursday: FANdom Day

Friday: Spirit Day

Of course, Homecoming week would not have been complete without the participation of the PGC Leaders! 


PGC Leader, Haley Gillespie, and Matthew Morris are the epitome of Amy and Sheldon, the infamous nerds from The Big Bang Theory, for Television Tuesday.

WHINY GRANDMAS COMING THROUGH! Seniors Alexis Ray and Victory Crawford, Returning PGC Leader, smile for the camera through their spot-on costumes of two friendly grandmas.  

As the PGC Leaders had loads of fun, the Class of 2023 also joined in.

Friday’s Outreach:

Although PGC was filled with loads of fun throughout Homecoming Week, the Leaders were hard at work for Friday’s Outreach concerning Internet Safety, specifically NETIQUETTE RULES

The Outreach posed questions such as:

  1. What are some cyber situations that you or your peers have previously gone through?
  2. In what ways do you think the Internet is positive? In what ways is the Internet negative?
  3. What are some NETIQUETTE RULES (online etiquette) that we could apply as we use the Internet?

As the Outreach was being conducted and discussed, each Peer Group was responsible for creating a list of TEN NETIQUETTE RULES to remember and follow. 

Important PGC Announcement:

PGC and its Leaders will host a Family Night filled with fun, food, and discussion. The event will host PGC Ambassadors, Peer Groups, and their Leaders. For more information, look on the PGC Family Night Invitation (given to each peer group during Friday’s Outreach) or an upcoming announcement on the West Bladen High School Website, Social Media, and Local News. 


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