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By Joy Warren

Mayor Goldston Womble provided an update on the status of the lake water clarity. The primary focus for the Town is still on the short-term solution for water clarity.

Womble stated he received good news from NC Environmental Management Commission. The Commission has given the Town conditional approval for Aluminum Sulfate treatment. This treatment is deemed the most effective and efficient treatment and causes the alga to go to the bottom of the lake thus improving water clarity. The treatment is not harmful for human consumption.

“This is the first time in this long struggle (since 2013) that we have received a positive response from the State”, said Womble.

The Bald Head Conservancy group was at the lake Tuesday and are continuing to work on solutions for restoration of the Ph levels. They have indicated they may have some leads as to root causes of the rise in Ph levels and will share in their next report.

Womble also indicated that treatment for Hydrilla will begin this summer. The goal is for total eradication which may take up to eight years of treatment. The Town was notified that they are eligible to apply for a Duke Energy Water Resources grant. The Board approved the start of the application process.

White Lake Mayor Goldston Womble, left, and retiring town employee William ‘Jesse’ Anderson

A resolution of appreciation was presented to William “Jesse” Anderson on his upcoming retirement April 11. Womble praised Anderson’s dedication to the Town, the citizens and the businesses for 30 years of service as a part-time police officer.

In administrative matters, the Board approved Utility Releases ($4,899.80), Tax Releases ($899.27); appointed Maggie Spivey as deputy tax collector; approved Cavanaugh Macdonald Consulting, LLC to conduct the Separation Allowance Benefit actuarial valuation; approved a contract for 2017/18 fiscal year audit to Thompson, Price, Scott & Adams; awarded a contract to Dewey H. Shaw and Axel McPherson Construction for flag pole installation across from the Wam Squam; approved Aclara Premier Maintenance Agreement; and authorized sale of surplus property.

The International Institute of Municipal Clerks has designated May 6-12 as Municipal Clerks Week. The Board adopted a resolution recognizing the key role of Municipal Clerks in local government and their contributions in service to the community.

An update on the Multi Use Path was provided by Lester Lowe of The Wooten Company. The proposed multi use trail will run from just beyond the Waterford Subdivision neighborhood beginning at a new parking area; then running parallel along NC 53 and US 701 to the Turtle Cove neighborhood entrance. The overall schedule has been pushed back about eight to nine weeks resulting from the survey lag last year. Final design completion is anticipated at the end of April, with permit approvals by end of June, bid/award/start construction by August and construction to be complete by November/December of this year.

The 40th Annual White Lake Water Festival will be held May 18-19. The parade will be held on Saturday, May 19 at 10 a.m.

Tuesday night’s meeting was adjourned to the budget committee meeting scheduled for April 24 at 5:30 p.m. at which time the Board will review the proposed budget for fiscal year 2018/19.