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White Lake Board of Commissioners Receive Lake Water Updates

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By Joy Warren

A monthly report provided by Dr. Diane Lauritsen reminds the Town and citizens to reflect on the gifts provided by the lake that forms the heart of the community of White Lake. It is also a time to reflect on how much work has been done in recent years to understand White Lake and how it has changed over time.

The list includes: Relatively high lake levels this summer, aided by above average rainfall in June (7.9 inches); stable lake conditions, comparable to the past three summers; the repair and replacement projects that have been done on the Town’s wastewater collection system; the initiation of storm water planning for the Town; the work being done to update the Town’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan; the creation of a science advisory group for White Lake; the completion of an annual report which documents all of the lake monitoring projects for 2020; and the addition of the White Lake Watch website.

Commissioners also received a copy of correspondence between Daniel Smith, Director of Division of Water Resources and Dwayne Patterson, Director of NC Division of Parks and Recreation. The letter is regarding the additional White Lake Alum Application. In accordance with state statute 15A NCAC, an NPDES individual permit is required for any additional discharge to White Lake. As White Lake is owned by the NC Division of Parks and Recreation, any permit application for any additional discharge to White Lake must be acquired by Parks and Recreation.

A public hearing was held for Amendments to the Town Zoning Ordinance, NC Chapter 160D. No public comments were received. Later in the meeting, the Board approved the amendments as presented.

An update was provided for the Sanitary Sewer Improvements project. The contractor has completed the sewer main replacement work. The system is being tested and streets cleaned in preparation for paving. The remaining items include completing the rehabilitation of sewer lateral connections and replacing a storm drainage pipe on the WWTP access road. Phase I is expected to be completed by the end of July.

The Board approved several other ordinances as presented: resolution accepting the Wastewater Merger/Regionalization Feasibility Study Grant ($50,000); and a resolution accepting First Bank Corporate authorization.

In other administrative matters, the Board appointed the following officers: Mayor Pro-Tempore Tom Reil; Finance Officer, Sean Martin; Deputy Finance Officer, Amber Glisson; Town Clerk/Human Resource Officer, Brenda Clark; Chief of Police, Bruce Smith; Tax Collector, Tina Merritt-Smith; Deputy Tax Collector, Kim Atkinson; Fire Chief/Safety Officer, Dale Brenan; Budget Officer, Mayor Goldston Womble; and Town Attorney, Clif Hester.

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