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White Lake Patrolman Tim Hester Saves Life

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White Lake Police Department is committed to protecting life and property.  Patrolman Tim Hester was dispatched to a Whitley Street address in White Lake on Saturday, June 13th at 9 p.m. for a medical call with CPR in progress.

When Hester arrived he spoke with witnesses and was told the victim had been drinking all day. According to the witness at the scene, the victim also had taken some oxycodone by crushing the pills and snorting them. According to the police report, when the witness checked on the victim he was unresponsive. The witness then called 911. The telecommunication operator told the bystander to start CPR.

When Patrolman Hester arrived the victim was laying on the floor and CPR was being performed on him. Hester checked for a pulse and did not find one. He checked for breathing and the victim was not breathing.

Then Hester administered Narcan, (medication is given to patients with drug overdoses) out of his medical bag to the victim and continued CPR. After 10-15 seconds the victim started back breathing and Hester found a pulse.

The ambulance arrived and transported the victim to the hospital.

Lt. Mike Salmon stated Patrolman Hester has been in law enforcement 17 to 18 years. He added, “He’ll do anything in the world to help you if he can,”

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