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By Joy Warren

Dr. Diane Lauritsen with LIMNOSCIENCES presented an update to the White Lake Town Board of Commissioners at the Tuesday evening meeting.


She discussed with the Lake partners what actions might need to be taken to provide more data with respect to the potential for nutrients already in the lake bottom. Internal Loading of nutrients may stimulate future algae blooms. She recommended that the Town engage with engineers and scientist working for Tetra Tech to provide planning and design work related to future alum treatments. Additionally, she recommended working with John Holz with HAB Aquatic Solutions to provide technical services for the collection of sediment cores in the lake. The data collected would be used to develop an action plan for future treatment, if necessary.

“We are all interested in collaboration and providing the resources needed to do quality science so we can develop the best possible management strategies and actions,” Dr. Lauritsen said. “Close monitoring of water quality parameters and development of a action plan for future in-lake treatment can prevent the development of extreme conditions created by a harmful bloom while long-term management options are assessed.”

The Board approved the contract as presented.

In other business, the Board approved Utility Releases ($1.048.54) Tax Releases ($14.82); re-appointed Joy Warren to the Planning and Zoning Board of Adjustments; authorized destruction of records in accordance with the schedule; approved Automatic Individual Read Meter Capital Project Ordnance Budget amendment ($46,200) and Lake Water Restoration Capital Project Ordinance amendment ($11,508).

Town offices and facilities will be closed Monday, Dec. 24 through Wednesday, Dec. 26 for the Christmas holiday and Tuesday, Jan. 1 for New Year’s holiday. The on-call person will be available in case of water/sewer emergencies.

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