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Word of the Day: Dawdle

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by Danna Martínez

Millions of people have experienced it. The most thoughtful and dedicated people are sure to share in it as well—to dawdle or take a break to do nothing.

The term “dawdle” describes the action of proceeding slowly or wasting time. Some synonyms for this word are:

  • To delay
  • Delay
  • Ramble
  • Be inactive
  • To wander
  • Delay

According to the Sentence Dictionary website, here are some uses of the word dawdle on a sentence:

  • Don’t dawdle – we’re late already! 
  • The teacher told the students not to dawdle away their time.
  • The boss told the workers not to dawdle over their work.
  • Don’t dawdle over your makeup; we don’t want to be late for the concert.
  • This is a wonderful place to daydream and dawdle.
  • However, it would not do to dawdle.
  • Don’t dawdle away your time. 
  • Don’t you dawdle over your breakfast then, not if you intend to make yourself useful.
  • Don’t dawdle over your work!

But what is dawdling really? Is it a feeling? Experience? Is it a necessity? The truth is that it is a will—the will to do nothing.

Rest from time to time can be necessary on many occasions. For people who keep an active pace, this is ideal. However, “Everything in excess is bad.” Lazing, beyond being a break, can become a problem.

From a production standpoint, loafing is a waste of time. By not running or doing any activity, the body and mind can atrophy. For this reason, human health needs to stay active, mentally and physically.

For many people, quitting loafing can be more complicated than for others. Here are some exercises that can help you stop loafing:

  • A list. Know the duties and pending tasks punctually.
  • Small goals. Facing easy challenges can be efficient and can also generate motivation.
  • Distractions Maintaining a clean, organized, and distraction-free environment is essential for concentration.
  • Acknowledge the effort. By completing one or more tasks, the idea is to earn a reward.
  • Take breaks. Staying active is essential. A break to stretch or walk can help you relax and clear your mind.


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