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Word of the Day: Equilibrium

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By Danna Martínez

Sometimes we ​​must find control in our lives. Moreover, we need to have an equalibrium.

The term equilibrium comes from the Latin aequilibrium and aequus. The Latin words refer to equality or balance.

Balance is a broad concept in different fields. There is an economical, political, social, physical, and also mental balance. In any case, the equilibrium is a middle or neutral point.

Balance is an essential element in health. When we talk about health, two crucial points converge that must be regulated; physical health and mental health. To enjoy a healthy life, it is necessary to find a balance between physical and psychological health. According to the WHO, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of disease or illness.”

Physical health takes care of the well-being of the body. In addition, physical health takes care of having an optimal functioning of the organism for the development of different activities. On the other hand, mental health promotes emotional, mental, and social well-being. In addition, mental health can influence the way a person acts, thinks, and reacts. Mental health is an example of balance because it consists of a balance between people and their environment.

Two opposing views or influences could not reach an agreement without balancing. Balancing two different ideas does not change the meaning or intention of either idea. Instead, equilibrium poses the maximum expression of two opposing points of view in one.

Finding a point of convergence for two opposing ideas can be of great help in everyday situations. People worldwide can resolve many of the discussions or ideological differences by finding a balance between opinions. In addition, people can distinguish a great example of balance in the teamwork of a company. In companies, workloads must be divided evenly to create harmony and stability.

“The point in life is to find equilibrium in what is inherently unstable.” – Pierre Reverdy.

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